Build & Capture a Windows 8.1 reference image using MDT 2013

I was about the write a blog post summarizing the steps the build & capture a Windows 8.1 reference image using MDT 2013.

However, I stumbled upon a great post from Gerry Hampson doing just that (well..with Windows 7):

Create customised reference image with MDT 2013 Lite Touch Build & Capture – 5 easy steps

In this blog, Gerry summarizes the steps for Windows 7, and includes links to a detailed step by step from Mitch Tullock found here and a blog from Johan Arwidmark on the right way to build and capture (link)

So in summary, to paraphrase Gerry Hampson

  1. In the MDT Deployment Workbench, create a deployment share
  2. Populate the deployment share with the Windows 8.1 source media
  3. Create task sequence to deploy Windows 8.1 to the reference computer
    1. Add a task to pause the sequence between build and capture.  This is where you can install applications, make registry changes etc.
  4. Don’t forget to Update the deployment share
  5. Import the Lite Touch Windows PE x64 image from the boot folder in the deployment share into “boot images” in WDS
  6. PXE boot the reference computer
  7. Select the task sequence you just created and follow the instructions to deploy and capture the Windows 8.1 image

The above assumes you have MDT & WDS already installed.

Finally, John Baker has a very good video here demonstrating these steps

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