MSExchange 2013 Health Check Powershell Scripts

Sometimes I am asked to carry out a health check on an Exchange environment.  Other times I simply want to quickly verify the health of an environment before any changes are made.

Here are 4 powershell scripts that I use to quickly give me a good overview of an Exchange environment and its health

Starting with 2 great scripts from Microsoft Exchange MVP Paul Cunningham at

  1. Test-ExchangeServerHealth.ps1 available here


  1. Get-DAGHealth.ps1 available here


Microsoft Exchange MVP Steve Goodman has created the following excellent Exchange Environment Report script

  1. Get-Exchange-Environment-Report.ps1 which can be found here

And finally check out Ammar Hasayen’s useful script over at technet

  1. Get-CorpEmailReport.ps1 which can be found here

These powershell scripts are very useful and have helped me to quickly get an overview of my customers Exchange environments health.  Hope you find them useful too.

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