Azure Active Directory Sync (aka DirSync) OU Filtering “missing-partition”

Problem:  DirSync OU Filtering – missing-partition-for-run-step dirsync

In this blog I am not going to describe how to configure DirSync OU filtering.  You can find a great description of how to do that very thing here.

In this blog I am going to describe how I resolved the following error while configuring DirSync OU filtering

Error:  missing-partition-for-run-step dirsync

I this scenario, my customer’s organization had a parent domain ( and child domain (

I was trying to sync an OU in the parent domain only. Turns out, that in order to use DirSync OU filtering in this scenario, I have to select OU’s in both parent and child domain.


Created an empty OU in the child domain (called it DirSync for example), selected this OU for DirSync filtering in addition to the OU I wanted in the parent domain.

Problem solved J

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