MSExchange DAG Replication Bandwidth Script

I’m in the process of planning a migration from Exchange 2007 to 2013 for one of my multinational customers.  The solution will include multiple DAG’s split across datacentres in EMEA and North America.

A key component of the planning is estimating the bandwidth requirements between datacentres.  And to do this, I needed to collect the log file usage from the current Exchange 2007 environment.

The good guys over at the Exchange Team have a fantastic PowerShell script called GetLogFileUsage for doing just this.

The output of this script can be used in conjunction with the Exchange Server Role Requirements Calculator to estimate replication bandwidth between datacentres.



I had used this script previously on 2010 without any issue.  However, I was getting errors running against my customer’s 2007 environment (Probably not designed to run with 2007).  Other scripts out there just didn’t provide the same level of detail as efficiently as this script.

So with a bit of troubleshooting with my customer we found that Line 42 of the script is:

if ($server -like “all”) { $TransactionLogs = Get-MailboxDatabase | Select-Object Server,LogFolderPath }# Grab LogFolderPath from all Exchange Servers

But LogFolderPath is not a value returned by Get-MailboxDatabase.  The Get-StorageGroup cmdlet would do this.

So, after substituting Get-MailboxDatabase with Get-StorageGroup at line 42, the script ran perfectly.

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