Error 0x80070003 creating standalone task sequence media in SCCM 2012 R2


Getting the following error creating standalone Task Sequence USB media in Configuration Manager 2012 R2


CreateTsMedia.log shows the following:




Use DISKPART to prepare USB key for standalone media as follows:

  • Attach the USB Flash Drive to a Windows Vista/7
  • As Administrator: Open a command window and run ‘DISKPART
  • At the DISKPART> type ‘List disk’
    1. Determine which disk number corresponds to the USB flash drive (make sure you correctly make this determination!)
  • DISKPART> type ‘Selectdisk <x>‘ where <x> is the disk number that the USB flash drive corresponds to
  • DISKPART> type ‘Clean
    1. WARNING!: This will wipe all the contents from the drive you selected in step 4 so make sure that the correct drive is selected and that there is nothing on the drive that is needed.
  • DISKPART> type ‘Create Partition Primary‘.
  • DISKPART> type ‘Select Partition 1’
  • DISKPART> type ‘Format FS=FAT32 QUICK’
  • DISKPART> type ‘Active
  • DISKPART> type ‘Assign
  • DISKPART> type ‘Exit
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