Azure AD Connect – How to verify password synchronization is working

If you have installed Azure AD Connect with Password Synchronization

  • (which you should even if you are using ADFS – see this blog for reason why)


And you have forced a Full Password Synchronization (e.g. by using a script as described here )

How do you verify if the Password Synchronization is working?

Open the application log in event viewer

  1.  Look for Event ID 656 “Password Change Request”


2.  Look for Event ID 657 “Password Change Result: Success” read more

Azure AD Connect – PowerShell Script to trigger a full password sync

If you’re using the Azure AD Connect tool (or Azure AD Sync Service) to synchronize you’re on premise Active Directory with the Azure Active Directory, you can use this script from TechNet to trigger a full password synchronization


You need to replace the following

  • – AAD

with the names of the connectors in your own environment.  This can be found in the Synchronization Service Manager (installed when you install Azure AD Connect) read more

Azure Active Directory Sync (aka DirSync) OU Filtering “missing-partition”

Problem:  DirSync OU Filtering – missing-partition-for-run-step dirsync

In this blog I am not going to describe how to configure DirSync OU filtering.  You can find a great description of how to do that very thing here.

In this blog I am going to describe how I resolved the following error while configuring DirSync OU filtering read more

Changing the default Office365 Windows Azure Active Directory Sync Schedule

The default synchronization schedule between On-premise and Office 365 is 3 hours.


As per this technet article:

·         It is unsupported to synchronize more frequently than the default 3 hours

If you wanted to change the default sync period then

  • Navigate to the Window Azure Active Directory Sync directory on the server where the tool is installed
  • Open the following file in notepad –  Microsoft Online.DirSync.Scheduler.exe.config
  • DirSyncDirectory
  • Adjust the setting <add key=”SyncTimeInterval” value=”3:0:0″ />
  • DirSyncConfigFile
    1. For example if you wanted to bring this down to 15 minutes then change this line to the following. <add key=”SyncTimeInterval” value=”0:15:0″ />
    2. read more