How to update a Dynamic Distribution Group Recipient Filter

During an Office 365 / Exchange Online migration, you may have a requirement to update the recipient filter of any dynamic distribution group.

In my case, I needed to do this because the dynamic distribution group used filters to include only mailboxes. But mailboxes that are migrated to Office 365 become mail-enabled users in the on-premises directory. This can cause issues with certain members of a dynamic distribution group not receiving email messages. The issue is described here read more

Office 365 Mailbox Migration Planning Script

Every user mailbox in Exchange Online requires an Office 365 license to be assigned to the user.  Often when migrating from Exchange On-premises, there are more user mailboxes than actual users, and more importantly, more user mailboxes than Office 365 licenses.  In this scenario, a number of options can be considered including: read more

How to enable, verify and test Litigation Hold in Office 365 – Step by Step

How to enable, verify and test Litigation Hold in Office 365 – Step by Step

In this blog post, I’ll demonstrate step by step how to enable, verify and test litigation hold in Office 365.  I’ll be focusing specifically on the Exchange Online workload.

  1.  Enabled Litigation Hold

You can enable litigation hold for a mailbox by running the following command from the Exchange Online shell (note:  steps to connect PowerShell to Exchange Online can be found here) read more

Outlook client can’t connect to Exchange 2016 – continually prompts for login credentials


I came across this issue while working on an Exchange Hybrid deployment.  During the testing phase, I successfully migrated mailboxes from Exchange 2010 to Exchange Online.  However, when I migrated a mailbox from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016, my Outlook client could not connect to its mailbox and would continually prompt for login credentials read more