Troubleshoot & Health Check Microsoft Exchange 2013 with M.A.T.S

Microsoft Exchange 2013 introduced us to Managed Availability, with the aim of providing a mechanism to “detect and recover from problems as soon as they occur and are discovered by the system

However, as Tony Redmond explains with great clarity and insight here

“Because of the blizzard of data generated by Managed Availability and the sheer number of probes, monitors, and responders required to measure all of the interactions and processing that happen within a complex software product like Exchange, it can be confusing to understand just what data is being gathered and why” read more

MSExchange 2013 Health Check Powershell Scripts

Sometimes I am asked to carry out a health check on an Exchange environment.  Other times I simply want to quickly verify the health of an environment before any changes are made.

Here are 4 powershell scripts that I use to quickly give me a good overview of an Exchange environment and its health

Starting with 2 great scripts from Microsoft Exchange MVP Paul Cunningham at read more