Unable to run Office 365 / Exchange Hybrid Wizard – “Content was blocked because it was not signed by a valid security certificate”

Unable to run Office 365 / Exchange Hybrid Wizard – “Content was blocked because it was not signed by a valid security certificate”


From the Exchange Admin Center you run the Hybrid configuration setup


You are prompted to login to Office 365


You enter your credentials


And then receive this message / warning


You are unable to complete the Hybrid configuration


You can resolve this issue by installing the certificate as follows: read more

Error creating a public folder migration batch when the “Folder to Mailbox Map” CSV file has more than 1000 rows

Problem Description

Trying to migrate public folders from Exchange 2007 to 2013 using the batch migration process detailed here

On step 5, when running the New-Migration cmdlet to create the migration batch as follows

New-MigrationBatch -Name PFMigration -SourcePublicFolderDatabase (Get-PublicFolderDatabase -Server SERVER01) -CSVData (Get-Content Public_Folder_to_mailbox_map.csv -Encoding Byte) -NotificationEmails user@domain.com -BadItemLimit $BadItemLimitCount    read more

How to fix “Error” when removing the default Microsoft Exchange database


  • You have deployed Exchange 2013
  • You want to remove the default database, but you are getting the following error


  • You have followed all the instructions to identify and migrate any mailboxes that may be residing in the default database e.g.
    • Get-Mailbox –Database “Mailbox Database 1246106742”
    • Get-Mailbox –Database “Mailbox Database 1246106742” –Archive
    • Get-Mailbox –Database “Mailbox Database 1246106742” –Arbitration
    • Get-Mailbox –Database “Mailbox Database 1246106742” –PublicFolder
    You have even tried
    • Get-Mailbox | where ArchiveDatabase –eq “Mailbox Database 1246106742”
    Still no mailboxes to be found in the database



    If your Exchange server is in a child domain, some mailboxes (e.g. arbitration / discovery) will appear missing.  You need to run the following command to find these mailboxes

    Set-ADServerSettings –ViewEntireForest:$true


    Then you will see the mailboxes which need to be moved before deleting the database.  Move the mailboxes using the new-moverequest as follows: read more

MSExchange DAG Replication Bandwidth Script

I’m in the process of planning a migration from Exchange 2007 to 2013 for one of my multinational customers.  The solution will include multiple DAG’s split across datacentres in EMEA and North America.

A key component of the planning is estimating the bandwidth requirements between datacentres.  And to do this, I needed to collect the log file usage from the current Exchange 2007 environment. read more

Troubleshoot & Health Check Microsoft Exchange 2013 with M.A.T.S

Microsoft Exchange 2013 introduced us to Managed Availability, with the aim of providing a mechanism to “detect and recover from problems as soon as they occur and are discovered by the system

However, as Tony Redmond explains with great clarity and insight here

“Because of the blizzard of data generated by Managed Availability and the sheer number of probes, monitors, and responders required to measure all of the interactions and processing that happen within a complex software product like Exchange, it can be confusing to understand just what data is being gathered and why” read more

Links to content, scripts and tools from MSIgnite 2015


For anyone that missed MSIgnite this year in Chicago, see below for a list of links to content, scripts and tools from the sessions:

How to migrate Resource (room) mailboxes to Office 365

This guide is based on an Exchange 2013 Hybrid environment and describes the steps required to migrate resources mailboxes (in this case Room mailboxes) from On-premise Exchange to Exchange Online (Office 365)

Step 1:          Connect to Exchange Online via Powershell

Open Windows PowerShell and run the following command: read more

How to change the primary SMTP address of an Exchange Online mailbox in a Hybrid environment

Edit:  I’ve posted a video of this here

In a hybrid environment, when a mailbox is migrated from on-premise to Exchange online, it will retain its primary SMTP email address.  But what about when you create a new user who has never had a mailbox on-premise?

When you assign an Office 365 license, and a mailbox is created, you might find that the primary email address is set to the Microsoft Online Email Routing Address (e.g. domain.onmicrosoft.com). read more